Cocktails and Mocktails - why it's time to embrace them, what you'll need, and where to buy them

This year Christmas is going to be different. Coronavirus has put the world in an awkward position where we will have to stay in more and workout ways to entertain ourselves from home. Therefore, it's a great idea to try out something new like making your own cocktails and mocktails. here at Straw by Straw, we love making our own motels and cocktails and so we have devised a plan and some recipes for you to use in The Christmas break. Combined with our purchasable Christmas boxes, they offer some great holiday relief. Here’s some basics: 


  • A snazzy glass to look chic while you drink.
  • Sugar! Although not all mocktails have sugar in them, many do, and sugar can add a super sweet taste…
  • Lots of Fresh Fruit – Most mocktails include tons of tasty fruit, from Kiwi to Melon to a Strawberry blend!
  • Patience! – Oftentimes layering cocktails takes time, and this can be hard – but overall, it’s worth it for the tasty result.
  • Crushed ice – While definitely less necessary, most people love crushed ice with mocktails to add a cool refreshing feeling – just make sure you’re in a warm space before you try and drink it!

Having mocktails frequently is actually really good for you, and I’d totally advise everyone to get into drinking them, even if at work or as a tasty morning wakeup. Although they are supposed to replicate alcoholic drinks, they are actually generally super healthy – especially if you make them yourselves!

 Postive benefits include:

  • Using nutrient-dense ingredients like fresh vegetable juices, kombucha and coconut water can turn a tasty mocktail into a healthy one as these are loaded with essential vitamins and minerals.
  • You won’t get hangovers and as long as you choose your mocktails carefully (low-sugar, for sure), then you can imbibe moderately and feel great the next day. Never overdo it because they do often contain fruit juices, which you only want to consume in small qualities. But you also won’t get addicted to mocktails.
  • Mocktails are hydrating as they have base ingredients like coconut water and sparkling mineral water. High-quality, low-sugar coconut water is so high in potassium and such a great electrolyte replacement that it’s even been used for IV hydration in some emergency situations. They are safe for pregnant, breastfeeding women, chronically ill and also children!

But where can you buy them? Well, we're selling them right here on the common blue store! Take a look at our Christmas Boxes here, and you can select a number of cocktail and mocktail kits waiting for you now! You can also check out the rest of our stock here and read about specific products on more of our blog here! On our partner website, we've also got a few recipes you can use - try them now here!