Our Mission


We're very excited to introduce Common Blue Store to you. Although Common Blue is a butterfly, to us it also stands for a few key ideas:

- Blue Economy should be Common. - According to the World Bank, the blue economy is the "sustainable use of resources for economic growth, improved livelihoods, and jobs while preserving the health of ocean ecosystem." We're ultra focused on bringing natural and sustainable products to you that will assure a healthy future for our oceans.

We're pretty and are focused on challenging the status quo. Why do we still produce so many clothes when there are plenty of quality pre-owned or wasted items? And why do single use plastics still exist if there are so many good alternatives?!

Our mission is to make sustainable alternatives accessible and affordable for everyone. Of course it can't always be as cheap as what we are used to because we all have to make some sacrifices for the new global economy, but as we innovate we're moving towards the new normal! If we're not making sacrifices now, then it's someone on the other side of the world or the planet who pays the real price. Therefore we need to find a healthy transition, and we hope to use our platform for that.

With our carefully selected items, we hope to be of value to all not just our environment and economy, but you! Reduce, reuse, and recycle! 



Team Common Blue / Team Straw by Straw