How to Use the Avocado Sock – What It Does and What You Can Make

The Avocado Sock was developed to encourage the consumption of healthy avocados in an over-processed and plastic-filled world. It works to speed up the ripening of Avocado's and to reduce waste.

The Avocado Sock fits well with the locally made, sustainable philosophy that is highly valued here at common blue. Made out of 100% Shetland wool from a 200 year old mill in Scotland, knit and finished in Canada using all environmentally friendly products - a laser cut uber-cool label, a leather look-a-like microfibre drawstring, and a hang tag using soy based inks.

Once your avocado is ripe, you can just eat it – but there’s also tons of other options! Avocados are great for both an addition and a centrepiece of a tasty meal. Here’s some examples:

Firstly, there’s the simple stuff. It may sound obvious, but the key ingredient to guacamole is avocado, and using just mashed avocado, salt, pepper, lime, and some slight other additions (such as onions), you can make a restaurant class guac for everybody to enjoy, whether the meal be Mexican inspired or simply filled with tasty snacks for brunch and dinner. As a simple process, it’s both easy and fun, and with the avocado sock you’ll be able to make.

Furthermore, baking your avocados softens them into a creamier option, much like tasty breakfast eggs and adds a more interesting taste. if you're looking for variety then look no further as this variation is great for surprising guests with a special treat that won’t scare them away. Using avocados couldn’t be easier as the sock uses the latest technology to ripen it far quicker, so that the final result tastes just slightly better and healthier.

As for more advanced recipes, avocado goes perfectly with some chocolate recipes. For example chocolate mousse with a tinge of avocado is a popular dish and while it sounds posh is actually relatively simple to make well really tasty. To make a simple avocado chocolate mousse, blend two of your ripe avocados with a 1/4 cup of cocoa powder and a 1/4 cup of chocolate chips! Adding milk, sweetener, or even melted fudge treats can enhance the taste while keeping the mousse’s texture. Puddings in general are a great way to incorporate avocados into your meal and this is clear from the many outlets that publish recipes including them - from Kourtney Kardashians infamous avocado pudding to the vegan chocolate bars infused with avocado it's clear that these are a great mix of tastes and you can even home make them.

For drinks, avocados make great milkshakes or even just good fruit and vegetable combos for healthy drinking although the recipes vary far and wide, here at common blue we suggest you blend an avocado with 250 milliliters of milk, 2 tbsps of lime juice, and something sweet to add that classic taste. With coronavirus, the amount of blenders being sold and used at home has gone up massively and you can join in this trend now by buying your own and using it to blend the avocados that you can ripen with your avocado sock.

For slightly less healthy options, especially for dinner and lunch, you could make avocado fries - if you like the batter that goes with fish fingers or fish goujons, but you are trying to stay away from fish, then you’ll love these avocado fries which remain crispy while preserving that tinge of fruity spirit. Although you don’t need the avocado sock to make these, as less ripe avocados are better for frying, (and then battering) these still make a delicious addition to the dinner table.

Finally, avocado toast. This one may sound obvious, and I won’t detail how to make it for that reason, but it is one of the recipes where it’s most important that you have a ripe avocado as it can go horribly wrong without it. This scrumptious mix of both bread and fruity flavor can be great if done right, and the avocado sock is perfect for this challenge.

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