How to Use Soaplift - and Ways We Can Be More Sustainable With Our Cleanliness

Soaplift keeps your shampoo bar dry so that it lasts longer! Allowing water to drain and air to circulate underneath your soap or shampoo bar, making it dry much faster. This decreases the loss of soap and makes your soap or shampoo bar last longer. SoapLift can be used with or without a soap dish.

In general, current cleanliness and hair care products are destructive to the environment. Not only do the overwhelming majority come packaged in plastic packaging but the chemicals used can be extracted and sourced unsustainably. To name a few, the harmful chemicals in your shampoo could be
- Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
- Some Zinc compounds
- Triclosan
Furthermore, these chemicals are bad for you and I have listed these through specifically because they are supposed to be the most harmful. It is for this reason and others that it is not only more sustainable to move to alternatives but also healthier as you are receiving alternative chemicals in your routine. you have two options:
1. Switch to a zero-waste bathroom lifestyle
2. Make a slower transition to reduce waste in the bathroom while keeping costs close to your original

Below are some ways that you can switch to a zero-waste lifestyle in the bathroom.

Plaine Products are an eco-friendly lifestyle company that have been capturing the lives of many in the zero-waste community! They’re a natural hair care company that offers their zero-waste shampoo in metal bottles. When you’re done, you just send the bottle back to their address, and they’ll put it back into another order. You keep your own that pump (they send you it with your first order) and then just plug it back into the next bottle!

However, they can be a bit pricey and if this is an issue - don't worry! - They are in the early stages and over the next 10 years more companies like this will turn up, and costs will lower, so for now maybe buy these rarely or not at all. This is especially true because there are many other solutions - such as

Zero-waste shampoo bars - as we've shown from soaplift, using shampoo bars is a great way of getting rid of plastic packaging and focusing on your own cleanliness without harming the environment – however, you can take this further by getting these zero waste shampoo bars as they are cheap and regularly only use recyclable paper packaging. Furthermore, there are so many options of different styles, smells, colors, and shapes - here are some great examples:
- Lush
- Etsy
- Retailers such as J.R. Liggett
- Loads more!
If you want to go extra cheap and you are feeling the DIY spirit, then you should try soap nut shampoo. Soap nuts are actually berries that contain a natural foaming agent, and making a soap nut shampoo is very simple and cheap once you source the soap nuts themselves. To make this cool smelling concoction, simply boil the nuts in water and then use the liquid as a shampoo wash. Adding a couple drops of essential oils to give it a more interesting smell is also a great idea to spruce up the smell!

Finally, the green tea rinse. Although not the only way you should manage your hair as it doesn't give full coverage a green tea rinse is extremely good for preventing hair loss and protecting the roots of your hair, not only this but it is extremely cheap and simple to do and I'm linking an instruction video here. it is sustainable due to the fact that it uses natural chemicals and should simplify any expensive products that you normally get to protect your hair as it covers most of these areas very well.

Overall soap lift is important because it promotes and protects sustainable hair care and bathroom hygiene at a low cost. Overconsumption is a massive issue in today's society an so limiting waste is extremely good for your home and moving to a more ecofriendly lifestyle.

If you'd like to try soap lift, you can buy it here, and if you want to see more of our store you can look here - we regularly update our blog here, and you can send us any feedback or ask any questions that you might have to ‘’. To read more about our mission check here!

Thanks for reading!