Vejibag Ecofriendly Bag for Vegetables
Vejibag Sustainable Bag for Vegetables
Vejibag Standard
Vejibag Standard

Vejibag Standard

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With Vejibag, your vegetables stay fresh for up to two weeks! That is a lot longer than those packaged in plastic or non-packed. Reduce your foodwaste and enjoy your veggies much longer!


What is Vejibag?

Vejibag creates a cool and humid space that enables your vegetables to breath. It is perfect for storing lettuce, spinach, carrots broccoli, celery, aubergine, beets, sprouts, mushrooms & more!

100% organic cotton

The Vejibag is made of sustainably produced organic cotton. This cotton is turned into a complete Vejibag in a socially responsible business with employees as co-owners.

How does Vejibag work?

Water in the fabric vaporises slowly and transports the moisture from the vegetables to the outside of the Vejibag. This creates a humid environment that enables vegetables to breathe and slows down the spoiling process in a natural way. 



Keep your vegetables fresh for up to two weeks!

Bag size: 27,9 x 30,5 cm


SHIPPING COSTS: €3.95 when total is under €25,00